Facebooking Beauty: Redken Explores Fan Incentives and Rewards

Facebook is replacing Google in terms of, well…everything. Facebook is the focus of commerce, consumer engagement and customer service for even the biggest brands and marketplaces. How to do it right and well are the topic on every marketer’s tongue.


We’d like to point out Redken’s efforts for 5th Avenue in New York and their newly launched Redken Singapore (in conjunction with Audi Fashion Festival and the Asian Fashion Summit).

Redken isn’t going overboard, aiming to continually acquire engage with it’s growing Facebook audiences. Here what you can learn:


Facebook fans and social communities like rewards and incentives; we all know it’s why they come back to their favorite stores (heck, it’s why we abuse our Nordstrom credit card to no end). Redken has created some simple, highly effective rewards for its Facebook community along with some pretty sweet incentives, like spend $40 and win a two flights to NYC. We shared that in the hopes of running through Barney’s and Saks on the way to the salon.


Here’s the one thing we must note. though. There is a serious lack of engagement on these Facebook fan pages. We know behind the scenes it’s tough to get the “powers that be” at at any fashion or beauty brand to let us “talk” to our customers via social channels. But, here’s the thing: You have to talk to them, or you’re going to lose them. Here are two pieces of advice to brands everywhere that want to take the true meaning of engagement in their Facebook community.

1. Keep engagement continuous: Creating event and promotions cause temporary spikes in fan acquisitions and likes. If you don’t continually interact and engage your fans, you’re lost from their Facebook stream in ONE WEEK. Their commenting and liking your activity is what keeps you first and foremost.

2. 90% of people who like you don’t come back after the initial interaction. If you want to improve those odds of return visits and interactions, then like in e-commerce, you’ve got to give them something to comeback for. See tip #1.

Happy Facebook Engaging to the beautiful and fashionable professionals who read our website.

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    Tim Homuth
    June 13, 2011 at 3:32 pm

    Great notes at the end of this article. We consistently need to advise brands that contests have their place but nothing works on Facebook without continuous engagement.

  • Reply
    Web Design For Models
    July 8, 2011 at 10:01 am

    This is the BEST way to get natural and “engaging/productive” likes/fans. Give them an incentive to like your company.
    There are also tricks like only allowing people to enter the contest who invite x number of their friends.
    This method of growing a facebook fanbase is something not just yet “normal”. The old crowd will call it VERY “unnatural”. Redkin obviously has a “grey-hat” internet marketer working for them.
    Good for them!

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