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6 Interior Design Trends To Watch For 2016

Watch the video to learn about the six interior design trends you must know in 2016.

From state-of-the art kitchens to smart appliances, prefab modern modular homes to airstream trailers, this year’s Dwell on Design conference was not to be missed. Everything from the latest in smart home technology to the latest innovations in textile manufacturing could be found in this 650,000 square foot venue celebrating its 10th anniversary. For the rest of 2015 and beyond, here are the trends that will be driving retail globally:

Interior Design Trend No. 1: Bringing The Outdoors In

From decorating compact apartments with greenery to turning expansive backyards into glamping adventures, consumers are experimenting with how to bring nature into every aspect of their homes. HGTV’s David Bromstad explained that this means that consumers will be buying furniture they can use indoors and outdoors. In terms of interior decor, lifestyle expert Justina Blakeney shared that wall decor, accessories and small plant life inspired items are going to be hot. Great resources include Grandin Road and Apartment 2B.

Interior Design Trend No. 2: Source Artisan Goods

From tassels and basketry to macrame and crochet, weaving is in. To embrace this trend, lifestyle expert Justina Blakeney advises consumers to be inspired by local finds. LG Studio artistic advisor Nate Berkus encourages shoppers to buy locally made and globally crafted goods. Berkus also states that consumers should not be afraid to mix vintage and artisanal items with mass produced goods. Consumers should not miss the opportunity to pair a Mongolian lambskin pouf and Moroccan rug next to a Target coffee table, for example. Great resources are for the design trade to explore include Nova Fiber, Source Art,, Deny Designs, and Saatchi Art.

Interior Design Trend No. 3: Minerals Are In

While polished geodes attached to lucite bases have been all the rage, minerals are going au natural now. Watch for bowls of pyrite on tables, big chunks of quartz used as display pieces and unpolished semi-precious stones turned into door pulls. Great resources include Lost & Found in Los Angeles or Casa Forte Studio.

Interior Design No. 4: Tiles Are Going Geometric

Decorative backsplashes have gone strong for a long time. Designers are expecting to see consumers gravitating towards more geometric patterns that feature fluid movement. Cement and even wood are going to play a significant role in achieving this. Whether it is a backsplash, an intricately patterned floor or a countertop, fluid geometry is coming in strong. Great resources include Astek Wallcovering by Thelma Valenzuela or a design professional from Decorist.

Interior Design Trend No 5: Mix Metallics and Metals

The 1950s and 1970s are hot trends in fashion design collections right now, and it is no different in interiors. Midcentury Mod with brass, gold and metallic finishes are popular right now. Get ready to embrace some retro bling. Great resources include Midcentury LA or Urban Colony.

Interior Design Trend No. 6:  Make it Sustainable

From the foam in our couches to the the foundations that prefab homes are laid on, Dwell president Michela Abrams noted that sustainability is at the heart of anything that is being manufactured today. Recycling, repurposing, reinventing and reusing are all things that consumers are beginning to consider when they make purchases today. Great resources include Resource Furniture, Custom Comfort Mattress and Living Homes.

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