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A Look at Organic Food in Washingtion

Summer has finally hit Washington; it hasn’t rained in Seattle in nearly two weeks. I’ve heard of the elusive “dry period” since my initial move here and am finally pleased to meet her. The last 18 months have had crazy weather; long, cold winters followed extremely stormy springs and falls – I think last summer was all but three weeks. The weather is supposed to hold so drives many city dwellers outside its confines on the weekends and holidays. With that, the farmlands become alive with activity beyond daily agriculture. Continue Reading


5 Major Design Trends at NY NOW

Even after two years as NY NOW’s trends writer, I am amazed by the products brought to market every six months. The NY NOW® Winter 2017 market was no less spectacular than the last. Yet again, buyers from around the globe came to find what was new, next and would resonate with their customers’ tastes. This season seemed to represent a turning point in product design. Everywhere we looked, we saw a new focus on sophistication and refinement.

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10 Ways To Create A Modern Workspace In Your Attic

Maximizing the space you have is the primary the focus of any well-planned renovation – that also includes the attic. These once forgotten storage spaces now have bedrooms, playrooms, and more recently at-home workspaces. If you are thinking of converting your attic in order to gain some extra square footage, here are 10 great modern examples to inspire you. Continue Reading