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Strategy & Research

Three Ways Fine Jewelry Brands Can Succeed at Instagram

A picture was once worth a 1,000 words, but today it’s worth 1,000 likes. For fine jewelry brands and retailers, a single picture could be worth hundreds – or thousands – of dollars in revenue. A recent L2 Think Tank study showed Instagram remains the number one channel for retailers to engage consumers. The research showed that Instagram follower interactions are 10 times higher than Facebook, 54 times higher than Pinterest, and 84 times higher than Twitter. Continue Reading

Strategy & Research

CLIENT PROJECT: The Ultimate Guide To Pinterest

Pinterest and Instagram are two of the hottest topics in fashion, retail and interior design now. In order to debunk the platform, we’ve created “The Ultimate Guide To Pinterest” for fashion, interior, beauty and lifestyle brands on behalf of MAGIC. Want to create a Pinterest strategy that drives community, content and commerce? Well we wrote it for you, for FREE. ENJOY the interactive guide and feel free to download it on Slideshare. Continue Reading

Strategy & Research

The Secrets to Success with Private Label Retail

Working on trade shows has been a staple in my content marketing career since 2011. Here’s a great piece I made for ASD Market Week as part of our lead generation efforts on private label and retail. This piece was quite the work of love as this topic is one of the “secret” areas in consumer product sales. We dug deep, got great first hand commentary, as well as legal advice. You can download it free on the trend report page, but in the meantime, feel free to “Pin” the nifty infographic. Continue Reading

Strategy & Research

Buy vs. Rent: How Millennials are Tacking Housing in the U.S.

millennial home buyers

The 2007 financial crisis caused the American housing market to collapse, creating the longest economic downturn since The Great Depression. That period officially ended five years ago, and cities across the country have more than fully recovered. Major states with metropolitan areas larger than 500,000 residents have even surpassed their pre-recession economic levels, thanks to lucrative industries that either sprouted from the ground post-recession or kept cities afloat through the crisis. 

The growth and recovery isn’t all roses, especially for Millennials. With rising rents, many of them want to buy homes, but find the process confusing and overwhelming. For others, student loan debt, job market and negative financial factors push them towards a trend of being long-time renters. In 2015, as the feds are set to raise the rates, Millennials nationwide are asking themselves: “Do I rent or buy?”

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