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Brian Solis On The Experience Economy

brian solis interview

How Brands Can Navigate the Consumer Experience Economy

In 2013, Internet of Things expert and noted author, Brian Solis, released his book, What’s the Future of Business? In it, Solis wrote that the future of business comes down to relevance and the ability to understand how technology affects consumers’ decision-making processes. In my 2013 PSFK interview, I wrote that consumers not only expect great brand experiences, but that they also believe they’re entitled to them. Experiences are now directly tied to aspiration and intention, and creativity and technology are merely the enablers.

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Inside Modern Interior Design With Nate Berkus

TV personality Nate Berkus has become one the most influential figures in modern interior design. From his early start with Oprah Winfrey that grew into multi-year home decor collaborations with retailers such as Target and Linens ‘n Things, Berkus has become an adored household name. Berkus is now serving as the artistic advisor for LG Studio, a collection of high-end kitchen appliances that take food storage, cooking and home life preparation to a new level via advanced technological integrations.

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Design Videos

Glamping & Consumer Interior Design Trends with David Bromstad

Over the years, glamping has become a huge trend in design and business. Glamping is a term derived from the words “glamorous” and “camping.” The goal of this new cultural trend is to create the ultimate travel experiences while exploring the world. Glamping has spawned AirBnB-like home sharing sites like and, and has become big e-commerce business for retailers like Grass Haven Outdoor.

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