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How To Successfully Merchandise Fine Jewelry

As a designer or a jeweler, it is quite likely that you believe that each product in your collection stands for itself. Whether it’s a necklace or bracelet, a watch or earrings, the minute a customer sees it online or in-store, you want them to fall in love with it immediately. Most likely, you are hoping to achieve an instant spark that stops them in their tracks, takes their breath away and has them thinking “This is it?!” Continue Reading


Snapchat For Fine & Luxury Jewelers

One of my favorite things is to showcase our client projects. This year, I started working with JA New York, one of Emerald Exposition’s amazing accessories shows. We’ve been creating awesome content for them, this is the latest piece by one of my amazing writers Laura Kudia.  What started as an app for millennials to send racy “snaps” to each other is now one of the most powerful social media networks for fine jewelers to target a key consumer demographic. Continue Reading


How Kate Spade’s Technology Strategy Can Help You Develop In-Store Success

February’s most dynamic seminar was given by Jeremy Bergstein, co-founder of retail innovation firm, The Science Project. Their successes for clients, including Kate Spade, Gucci, Barney’s and Bloomingdales, come from their practice’s idea of “the theater of retail.” In his presentation, Bergstein guided seminar attendees through fascinating behavioral and emotional states, as well as interactive forces impacting the future of retail. The Science Project’s outlook on how retailers can successfully leverage technology in-store is very simple: interact, delight, entertain; give your customers a reason to shop. Continue Reading


The Rise of the Visual Web + The Future of Fashion Bloggers

Fashionista’s Lauren Sherman talks about digital media trends with Macala Wright. Sherman provides insight into how brands can build awareness online and leverage digital influencers and social media platforms. With content and commerce merging, Sherman weighs in on the future of the editorial landscape. Sherman and Wright discuss how visual, mobile platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest, are shifting the definition of fashion influencers and how fashion blogging is changing at a rapid pace. Continue Reading


Five Ways To Develop A Killer Instagram Strategy

It’s the old adage that we’ve all heard before: a picture is worth a thousand words.  For footwear brands, that picture could be worth thousands of dollars in revenue. Over the last three and a half years, a dramatic shift has taken place in the e-commerce landscape. The rise of visual social networks has allowed consumers to naturally interact with products, thus creating a new wave of influence and revenue opportunities for brands and retailers on Instagram. Continue Reading