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A Look at Organic Food in Washingtion

Summer has finally hit Washington; it hasn’t rained in Seattle in nearly two weeks. I’ve heard of the elusive “dry period” since my initial move here and am finally pleased to meet her. The last 18 months have had crazy weather; long, cold winters followed extremely stormy springs and falls – I think last summer was all but three weeks. The weather is supposed to hold so drives many city dwellers outside its confines on the weekends and holidays. With that, the farmlands become alive with activity beyond daily agriculture. Continue Reading

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How To Become A Digital Nomad : Middle Class Edition

How to Choose Your Nomad Type

This week we launched the PSFK exploration of the digital nomad class. It is a fantastic read that looks at benefits of remote working, the behavior driving it and the opportunities shifts in work are starting to provide. But as I read it, I felt it missed some critical information on van lifers and those taking a more analog approach to transient living. So here is a crash course in how to become a mobile digital nomad. Continue Reading

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Daytripping: Los Olivios Wine & Farm-To-Table Food

Aside California’s agricultural industry being one the largest global food economies, we’re a large part of the wine industry as well. From Ojai to Los Olivos and farther north, there are amazing vineyards and wineries (do you know the difference?) creating amazing wines. I’m not a wine expert by any means, I’ve been a expert social drinker for years –– refining my palatte enough to taste the intricacies present in anything that touches my lips. And my love of clean, organic food has made me quite discerning in what I consider “acceptable” farm-to-table cuisine. So here are the top three eating and drinking spots in Solvang and Los Olivos.

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Daytripping: Inside Ojai, CA

I moved to California in 2002, I’ve consistently visited Ojai, a small town in Ventura County that’s been growing in popularity over the last years. Only an 1.5 hours from Los Angeles, it’s now become Southern California residents’ weekend destination. If you plan on visiting Ojai, here are the places I believe you must visit, eat and drink, taste, shop and photograph (don’t forget your Ojai Map). Continue Reading


Los Angeles Grows Up – Will It Become A City Of Innovation?

A Fractured, Lonely City Looks to People as Infrastructure to Create Mindful Change

I moved to Los Angeles when I was 22. I didn’t move to become an actress or to pursue a career in entertainment. Instead, I moved because I met a boy on the internet six weeks earlier and swore it was true love. The feelings towards him (now classified as infatuation) – coupled with a growing restlessness to not become that girl that had only in lived place all her life – got the best of me. I sold all my possessions, packed two suitcases and nine boxes of books I could not live without, and bought a one-way plane ticket from Chicago to Los Angeles.

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