The Future Of Social Commerce

I can’t believe that MAGIC was a month ago. It feels like it was just yesterday. In true technology loving, fashionably marketing fashion girl style, I found space between statement necklace DIYing with Erica Domesek and livestreaming trends on to get in a Social Commerce panel for FMM audiences. We could never neglect the our love of all things social and online commerce!

The panel, moderated by Staci Riordan, featured:

  • Susan Etlinger, Consultant For The Altimeter Group
  • Jon Fahrner, CEO of
  • David Dowd of Buddy Media
  • Chad Reed of

The teams talks about the importance of social commerce and why retailers need to pay attention to the social sharing of products.

Part two discusses what things retailers need to consider about mobile and location-based marketing.

Part three talks about the importance of fan engagement and the rise of Facebook.

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