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How To Become A Digital Nomad : Middle Class Edition

How to Choose Your Nomad Type

This week we launched the PSFK exploration of the digital nomad class. It is a fantastic read that looks at benefits of remote working, the behavior driving it and the opportunities shifts in work are starting to provide. But as I read it, I felt it missed some critical information on van lifers and those taking a more analog approach to transient living. So here is a crash course in how to become a mobile digital nomad. Continue Reading

Behavior & Culture Life

Seattle: Shelve Intolerance and Develop Radical Empathy

celeste headless Seattle TED Talk

Celeste Headlee is a media industry veteran who’s TEDTalk on communication became one of the most viewed videos this year due to its raw truth about how we have almost lost the ability to effectively talk to one another today. During her TEDxSeattle talk this year, she applied her understanding of having conversations to the current state of our society as we near the end of 2016 and hesitantly welcome in a new president. When she took the stage early, she asked her Seattleite audience: Continue Reading

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Inside Seattle’s Color Therapy Group Boom

color therapy groups seattle

For the past year, adult coloring books have been a big thing. Topping Amazon’s best seller lists, coloring books can be found in stores and online. Due to their popularity, we have seen an influx of those touting that color therapy helps individuals de-stress and become more mindful. In fact, psychiatrist Carl Jung prescribed coloring to his patients to help calm and center their minds. Color Therapy is believed to reduce stress and anxiety, exercise fine motor skills, train the brain to focus and promotes mindfulness. That being said, color therapy has its critics, who feel while it may be therapeutic at best, it is not real art therapy. Continue Reading

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Four Ways to Market to Baby Boomers in 2016

Boomer Marketing

Information on how to market to Millennials can be found everywhere, but what about Baby Boomers? The Baby Boomer generation – people born between 1946 and 1964 – had been the focus of major sales strategies for decades, but as technology advanced, that focus has shifted to Millennials and Gen Y. However, as social media matures, the focus is shifting back to Baby Boomers, a group with a sizable disposable income. Continue Reading