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Marketing 101: Short Form Video Content & How To Use GIFs

In the past year, I’ve been a part of many conversations in regards to our rapidly evolving digital marketing ecosphere. The conversations have ranged from simple, yet heated conversations about the best formats for Instagram, to how to implement advanced conversion strategies; how to set-up a Facebook ad account, to how to successfully track the full user journey from first to last click. Some of the questions have been brilliantly complex, some of them surprisingly simple.

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Marketing Videos

How To Use Instagram’s New Features As Part Of Your Marketing Strategy

In 2015, I created The Ultimate Guide to Pinterest and Instagram Advertising for NY NOW, a simple white paper designed to help upscale interiors, gift and home decor brand navigate the world of paid social advertising. Since that guide’s original launch, Instagram has grown in many ways; the number of Instagram users has grown by nearly 100 million and the platform rolled out many new features that can help retailers continue their paid and earned marketing successes. Continue Reading