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Pantone Created Colorful, Functional Mobile Apps

Pantone recently announced two new mobile apps that help meet the growing need for applications that can support an ever-changing work dynamic. As design projects continue to become more digital and designers are more mobile, apps like these are like digital gold to the design world.

myPANTONE for Android and myPANTONE 2.0 for the iPhone

myPANTONE for Android, $7.99, brings Pantone’s popular iPhone app for capturing, creating and sharing PANTONE Color Palettes to the Android platform. This app provides graphic, digital, multimedia, fashion, interior and industrial designers access to more than 13,000 PANTONE Colors wherever they go.

myPANTONE 2.0 for iPhone, $9.99, incorporates feedback from more than 80,000 Pantone fans to extend the functionality of the original myPANTONE app and meet the growing needs of designers. myPANTONE 2.0 adds several enhanced features, including color calibration tools to improve the appearance of PANTONE Colors on screen, CMYK support for PANTONE PLUS SERIES Colors, access to ICC color-managed values, and the ability to print color palettes straight from the iPhone.

“We continue to see a fundamental shift in the way designers work and smartphones are increasingly acting as portable color studios,” said Andy Hatkoff, vice president of technology licensing for Pantone.

When you can’t bring House Beautiful’s Color Expert with you on your interior search, these Pantone mobile apps allow you to become your own color expert. We’re so in love with this… it’s APPsolutely functional and fun!


Color QR Codes Are Now A Reality

It’s true. Color QR Codes have finally been created. Who said QR Codes had to be black and white, anyway?

Tried And True
Carnaby, one of London’s leading shopping destinations for fashion and lifestyle, has noticed a positive spike in visits to its website and directly attributes the happy effect to the innovative QR Code, which carries a tracking system. The new color QR Code has garnered more attention than the store’s previous monochrome version.
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Marketing Insights: The iPad as Business + Content Monetization Tool

The iPad is the Web’s topic du jour; already there are  10,200,000 articles on the device and commentary on whether or not paid digital content will put the publishing industry back in the black.. The iPad offers digital publishers viable options for  monetizing content and adding additional revenue streams to their business strategies. Already, over 450,000 iPads have been sold, and users have downloaded more than one million apps from the App Store and 250,000 e-books (the very first day!) from the iBookstore. Continue Reading