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Daytripping: Los Olivios Wine & Farm-To-Table Food

Aside California’s agricultural industry being one the largest global food economies, we’re a large part of the wine industry as well. From Ojai to Los Olivos and farther north, there are amazing vineyards and wineries (do you know the difference?) creating amazing wines. I’m not a wine expert by any means, I’ve been a expert social drinker for years –– refining my palatte enough to taste the intricacies present in anything that touches my lips. And my love of clean, organic food has made me quite discerning in what I consider “acceptable” farm-to-table cuisine. So here are the top three eating and drinking spots in Solvang and Los Olivos.

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Daytripping: Inside Ojai, CA

I moved to California in 2002, I’ve consistently visited Ojai, a small town in Ventura County that’s been growing in popularity over the last years. Only an 1.5 hours from Los Angeles, it’s now become Southern California residents’ weekend destination. If you plan on visiting Ojai, here are the places I believe you must visit, eat and drink, taste, shop and photograph (don’t forget your Ojai Map). Continue Reading

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Inside Seattle’s Color Therapy Group Boom

color therapy groups seattle

For the past year, adult coloring books have been a big thing. Topping Amazon’s best seller lists, coloring books can be found in stores and online. Due to their popularity, we have seen an influx of those touting that color therapy helps individuals de-stress and become more mindful. In fact, psychiatrist Carl Jung prescribed coloring to his patients to help calm and center their minds. Color Therapy is believed to reduce stress and anxiety, exercise fine motor skills, train the brain to focus and promotes mindfulness. That being said, color therapy has its critics, who feel while it may be therapeutic at best, it is not real art therapy. Continue Reading

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Daytripping: Inside Antiques at The Barn

It’s no secret, I’m a die hard antique and vintage store, mall and random place lover. My love of vintage and antiques has even lead to me to start putting some of my awesome finds on etsy in my What Macala Found store!  I don’t know what it is about antique stores that I love so much, but I know it has to do with the curated chaos you find in all of them. Some of the best ones are the ones you have to dig in for sure. So let’s start with Antiques At The Barn in the high desert of California.

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