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#ThisIsCOUTURE: An Inside Look at Luxury’s Most Exclusive Event

It’s been a very busy summer for me, I’ve been expanding the capabilities of my company, as well as expanding our team. This year, we began working with the jewelry trade show group of our client, Emerald Expositions. As part of that project, we pushed our video and photography capabilities into the luxury space with COUTURE. COUTURE, which is the luxury market’s premier B2B event, wanted new digital assets that could be used for more effective social media advertising campaigns, as well video that showcased the event as an experience (which it truly is), not as a trade show. Here are some of my favorite pieces that came from it: Continue Reading


How To Successfully Merchandise Fine Jewelry

As a designer or a jeweler, it is quite likely that you believe that each product in your collection stands for itself. Whether it’s a necklace or bracelet, a watch or earrings, the minute a customer sees it online or in-store, you want them to fall in love with it immediately. Most likely, you are hoping to achieve an instant spark that stops them in their tracks, takes their breath away and has them thinking “This is it?!” Continue Reading

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Daytripping: Inside Ojai, CA

I moved to California in 2002, I’ve consistently visited Ojai, a small town in Ventura County that’s been growing in popularity over the last years. Only an 1.5 hours from Los Angeles, it’s now become Southern California residents’ weekend destination. If you plan on visiting Ojai, here are the places I believe you must visit, eat and drink, taste, shop and photograph (don’t forget your Ojai Map). Continue Reading